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Frozen Meal in Microwave

Frozen Meals

Synergy Food Group frozen meals are designed to delight while offering convenience and quality. Whether you're a hospital, school cafeteria, or any foodservice provider... our frozen meals are guaranteed to simplify your operations.

Our extensive range of frozen meals caters to all day parts with a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Heat-and-eat containers make preparation quick and effortless.

We prioritize exceptional quality with only the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Our scratch-made sauces provide a homecooked meal experience. We utilize flash frozen vegetables to retain their freshness, colors, and nutrients. We prioritize food safety and quality assurance, adhering to strict practices throughout our manufacturing process.

Excellent solution for labor shortages, break/weekend feeding and emergency preparedness!

Breakfast Frozen Meals
Frozen Foodservice Meals

Our Process

We have decades of experience in producing the safest food possible in our USDA inspected facility. ​We combine time-honored culinary techniques with modern technology to produce your meals safely, efficiently, and at a controlled cost.

Your meals begin as the finest raw materials available. Fresh white meat chicken and turkey. Pork cushion and loin. Ground American beef. We employ 2 cooking techniques for protein- kettle cooking and sous vide cooking.

We make every product how you would make it from scratch at home, only bigger. We start with a dedicated filtered water supply and scale all ingredients per the recipe, and simmer in steam-jacketed stainless steel kettles. The perfect way to do pastas, sauces, and rice.


We also kettle cook our chicken to perfection with no additives, no preservatives, and nothing nature didn’t intend. The result is homestyle flavor, clean label, and controlled nutrition.


For our pork, turkey, and ground beef we employ sous vide. Cooking the product in specialized cooking bags makes for the most tender turkey and pork you will find in a frozen meal. Cooked for hours in its own juices, the “low and slow” technique makes our food the finest you will put your fork to. This method enhances food safety even further by rendering the product bacteriologically inert with no exposure to the outside environment until we are ready to plate your meal.

The vegetables we use in your meals are all Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), many at the point of harvest. Using IQF vegetables means that there are no chemicals or preservatives added and the vegetables remain minimally processed. The side dishes retain the flavor, color, and good nutrition that nature intended.

Kettle Cooking
Hand assembled frozen meals


Our meals are not assembled by machines, but by skilled men and women who plate each meal manually. This allows us to ensure that your meal is layered correctly, and has the highest quality presentation. Numerous Quality Assurance protocols are followed and a dedicated staff of QC/QA technicians oversee the meal assembly process. Further, we are inspected by a dedicated staff of in-plant inspectors from the USDA that provides another layer of assurance of Food Safety and regulatory compliance.


From preparation of the sauce for your meal to having it in a frozen state takes around 11 minutes. We employ a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen spiral freezer to ensure your meal is frozen rapidly. The meals are plated kitchen-fresh and are transferred to our cryogenic freezer at -110*f.

This rapid freezing technique assures food safety by eliminating the opportunity for food to stay in the “danger zone” of temperature and rapidly cool to the point that pathogenic growth is eliminated. There is no safer method to produce frozen meals with limited handling.

Meal Assembly and Cryogenic Freezing


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